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Welcome to Cultura Kayak Bass Fishing

If you have found this website, THANK YOU for stopping by.
We have not yet promoted it because we are developing the infrastructure while aligning with 

other like minded kayak bass fishing anglers for good content and feedback .

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line or a few pictures and even a "one that got away" story to tell others.

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Why Cultura


Cultura -  The total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge – that constitutes human work and thought considered as a unit, especially with regard to a particular social group.


Fishing Gear & Kayak Accessories

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Tank Tested


What is Tank Tested all about? 

Cultura Fishing's goal is not just to evaluate rods, reels, line, soft baits, hard baits, electronics and the fast changing kayak accessories, we want to help you decide what baits, fish finders or rods and reels that will be right for YOU and your style of fishing. 


Tank Tested

Who we are...

  We are both men and women who love kayak fishing, whose primary target is fresh water BASS, but all are welcome regardless of what you fish for and where. 

We encourage you to invite your friends, family and children to discover the joys of kayak fishing. As members of our local fishing club we work to build a community that supports the health of our waterways and the fish that reside within. 

Personally, as a member of a local club I have met like-minded people who love to fish and have found some great friends along the way. So spend some time on our sight, it is not only informative but interactive and please don't hesitate to e-mail us and let us know what you liked to see more of. 

The not so pretty pictures


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Fish Stories


Blog Page Coming Soon

If you have any articles to add (The one that got away!) or some "How To"  helpful tips, we want to share the the experience with all Cultura Fishing members. 

Send a message via email: gregg@culturafishing.com if you have any questions about our events, products, and services.

We'll aim to get back to you very shortly after!

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